Sunday, July 25, 2010

Korean TV coming to Wisconsin to feature Vince Megna in lemon law documentary

Reported in the Milwaukee JournalSentinel 7-24-10.

Should Hyundai be nervous?

An independent producer, C.J. Kim of New York, said he's on a mission for SBS, the Seoul Broadcasting Station, to show how Wisconsin's law protects car buyers who wind up with lemons.

He's coming to Waukesha County next week, turning to noted lemon lawyer Vince Megna, who won a $482,662 settlement for his client, Waukesha restaurateur Marco Marquez, against Mercedes-Benz USA. The judgment is on hold while under appeal, but Megna could get a $300,000 share if he wins again.

Kim said in a telephone interview that there's no protection for car buyers in Korea. "That's why they need a kind of example" of how well the law works for an hourlong documentary scheduled to air Aug.11, he said.


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