Friday, April 11, 2014

Client's Response to Tesla's Blog Post

I am a medical doctor. I retired as a Colonel from the United States Army after 23 years of service. I served in Iraq, Kosovo, Nicaragua and South Korea providing medical care to soldiers and the local population. I was also a flight surgeon.

I am highly offended by Tesla’s allegation that I tampered with the fuse, and that the problems with the car are my fault. I have never tampered with my Model S or any part of it. The Blog post disappoints me because it is a clear attempt to transfer responsibility for a defective vehicle from Tesla to me.


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  2. Did your client also file another lemon-law claim against another manufacturer? Seems unlikely the same person would get two "lemons" in a row doesn't it?

  3. You may want to have your attorney advise you as to what an "allegation" is. Tesla's blog post contains no "allegation" regarding the fuse. It does, however, report events regarding the fuse:

    "...they determined that the car's front trunk had been opened immediately before the fuse failure on each of these occasions. (The fuse is accessed through the front trunk.) Ultimately, Tesla service applied non-tamper tape to the fuse switch. From that point on, the fuse performed flawlessly."

    Now you may feel this makes some implications, but it is not an allegation. If you also believe their account to be factual you may draw your own conclusion, as I have.

    [Incidentally this blog gives me no opportunity to choose a user name, so let's see if it defaults to "Tesla_Owner" as the above 2 blog posts show...]

    1. Sorry, but it didn't default to "Tesla_Owner". I chose that as an anonymous handle. I'm "Electricfan" on the teslamotors forums. Don't know why I picked it, except to be honest about where I'm coming from in my comment.

  4. What does your service to this country have to do with the fact that you made up a bunch of lies in order to get Tesla to buy back your car? Just because you have served this country in the military does not automatically make you an honest and ethical person. But I can see why your ambulance chasing attorney would tell you to write it this way. If you need to make such a blatant play for sympathy, the facts are clearly not on your side.

  5. It looks like Mr Megna has gone out on a bit of a limb. That was quite a bunch of videos for use in a libel suit should the judge be persuaded that the lemon law case was a fraud. Especially curious to understand how Mr Megna was able to portray door handles not working and then working. I would also second a commentator above. Not sure that dragging the honour of the armed forces into serial lemon law litigation is particularly cool. I would like to believe that servicemen (or surgeons for that matter) would not ordinarily behave in that manner. Nobody has alleged that the problems with the car are your fault. The implication is that you have deliberately wasted the time and money of the Tesla service centre in order to accumulate enough days to file another lemon law suit when there was in fact no problems with the car at all.

  6. Gee for someone who is a flight Surgeon you seem to be low on the intelligence level....
    You sound more like a CIA operative who has gone rogue...